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Future plans afftecting Harwell

KHR’s main concern for the future had been the creation of 2,150 houses at Valley Park between Great Western Park and the western edge of Harwell village. Since the publication in February 2014 of the Housing Supply Update to the Vale Draft Local Plan 2031, considerable further housing development in Harwell area is now proposed.

The Valley Park development proposal had come about because the Vale agreed to take half the 4,500 or so extra houses required for Didcot.  It proposed to build its 2,150 share of those houses by 2031 in the area to the west of Great Western Park to be known as “Valley Park”. This would bring housing development up to the A34, use up yet more quality agricultural land and remove the rural gap between Harwell village and Didcot.

The Government recently abolished the South East Plan, so local councils are not now obliged to follow its proposals or policies. Initially, the Vale indicated that, pending revised housing needs forecasts, it would use the numbers for new housing that were in the South East Plan.

The Vale published its Draft Local Plan 2029 for consultation in February 2013. It included up to 2,150 homes at Valley Park, with the area covered now expanded to include land south of the B4493 Harwell–Didcot Road.

Since then, the Vale has been required to make revised (upwards) projections about housing need in the area, and to negotiate with neighbouring councils about the distribution of that housing.  This has resulted in an update to the draft Local Plan, which contains proposals for considerably more housing in the Harwell area than did the first draft.  See the home page for details of the additional housing near Harwell proposed in that document.

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