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Other plans affecting Harwell

KHR’s main concern for the future had been the creation of 2,150 houses at Valley Park between Great Western Park and the eastern edge of Harwell village. Since the publication in February 2014 of the Housing Supply Update to the Vale Draft Local Plan 2031, considerable further housing development in Harwell area is now proposed.

Some of the extra housing has now appeared in outline planning applications and other proposals.

Valley Park: A revised planning application for Valley Park was submitted to VWH in September 2015. It involves 4,254 houses, considerably higher even than the VWH Local Plan 2031 proposal of ‘at least 2,550’. KHR now accepts that there will be development at Valley Park, but is still concerned about the impact of such a large number of new homes on Harwell’s doorstep. KHR’s objections to the plans can be found on the ‘Recent Submissions’ page.

As the plans stand, Valley Park will start immediately east of the A34 and there will be no discernible rural gap between Harwell Village and Didcot. KHR is striving to persuade all the parties involved that there should be a ‘green corridor’ along the B4493 to provide some sense of the natural environment between Harwell and Didcot, and has written to our local councillors to try to get the developers to include this in the plans.

Grove Road North: This is the development called ‘West of Harwell’ in the Local Plan. The third revision of the planning application for over 200 houses north of Grove Road was submitted in January 2016. KHR continues to object to this premature planning application before this site has been considered in the Local Plan Examination in Public. The arrangements for handling pedestrian and road traffic are totally inadequate for this country road and the design of the proposed estate is out of keeping with neighbouring parts of the village. KHR’s objections to the plans can be found on the ‘Recent Submissions’ page.

A threat to the green fields on Didcot Road: In January 2016 Gladman issued a leaflet proposing residential development at land off Didcot Road Harwell. Their proposals and the opportunity to comment are at .

The area is currently green fields opposite the houses along Didcot Road and a key part of Harwell’s rural gap. It would be a travesty if this development ever happened.

KHR has objected strongly. Please join us by having your say via .

Last update 1 Feb 2016



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