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Keep Harwell Rural – Looking Ahead

Keep Harwell Rural (KHR) has existed since 1998. For most of this time it has operated with a committee and an informal group of interested villagers. At its last meeting in March the KHR committee decided that this way of working is probably not the best way of enabling villagers to have a say on planning matters in the future. So it has disbanded. Although the Parish Council of course represents the village on planning matters, there can be advantages in having a way that more people can be involved if they wish. Tim Howse has set up a rather wider network of villagers interested in commenting on planning matters and this network will in future use the KHR ‘brand’ and carry forward the main purposes for which KHR was originally set up: to enable residents to express their views about changes that may affect Harwell, in ways that could augment and complement the views expressed by the Harwell Parish Council”.

The objective of this new approach is to maintain the value that the KHR ‘brand’ has achieved during its existence as well as to enable a broader range of opportunities for parishioners to make their feelings known. We will be reaching out to residents via a variety of channels as well as supporting those who may need assistance in submitting comments on planning matters. This will hopefully mean that greater numbers of people involved will lead to our voices being heard AND listened to!

If you are not already involved and want to be added to the ‘KHR’ list please e mail which now goes to Tim Howse.

Tony Hughes, Tim Howse

May 2016



The aim of the Keep Harwell Rural (KHR) Campaign is to give residents of Harwell the opportunity to have a voice in matters that affect the future of the village. We are particularly concerned about the expansion of Didcot and how this might affect the rural character of Harwell.

This website gives a taste of what we do. You can see how the plans for the expansion of Didcot developed, what is proposed for the future and how we are reacting to it.

KHR works closely with Harwell Parish Council, but is independent of any statutory body. If you would like to know more about KHR or would like to join us in shaping the future of Harwell get in touch.

Whilst we do our best to consult within the village, and try to represent the opinions of many people in the village, we are primarily a campaigning group whose main concern is to preserve the integrity of the village and to “Keep Harwell Rural”.

What’s to be done next by KHR?

What’s in the Vale Local Plan which affects Harwell?

The February 2014 update to the Vale Draft Local Plan contained proposals for considerably greater numbers of new houses in the Harwell area than did the 2013 version.  Some of the numbers have been changed in the publication version of November 2014, and the resulting “extra” houses are now:

The map at the end of the page shows where these sites are (except for “Talbot Close”).

The publication version of the Plan now proposes 5,350 houses in the Harwell area compared to 2,150 in the 2013 version.

This is on top of the 3,300 houses being built at Great Western Park and the 2,030 planned for North East Didcot.

The impact of this planned extra housing on Harwell village is likely to be considerable.   Currently about 20% of the parish boundary is adjacent to housing or industrial buildings.  Under the Vale Local Plan proposals, this will increase to nearer 80%.  The village is expanding outwards at the same time as housing in the surrounding area is creeping ever closer.  The result feels like a gradual “strangulation” of Harwell village’s distinct, rural identity.

KHR's Strategy

KHR’s overall strategy is to try to limit the amount of development around Harwell, such that the village retains a distinction from Didcot and a rural character, and that the infrastructure (especially roads) will cope with the increased populations. Our aims in making representations about the Vale Draft Local Plan are to:

Within our concerns about the adequacy of infrastructure we shall try to ensure that facilities such as schools are catered for, and that the village will be shielded from use as a rat run for through traffic, including on the A417 Reading Road.

SVUK proposed housing (Map from Figure 5.6a of Vale Local Plan 2031 Part 1, November 2014)

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